Thursday, April 22, 2010

Show the world some love today!

Happy Earth Day to my wonderful earthling friends and family!

I am honored to share this beautiful planet with all of you, and to celebrate that, I wanted to share five "go green" tips that I have recently incorporated into my daily lifestyle and maybe you'll find that you can too. It's easier than you might think!

  • Turn off the lights! When you're leaving a room, and especially when you're leaving your home - turn off the switch. Try using minimal lighting during the day and it will be easier to remember. It's all about creating the habit and then sticking to it.
  • Recycle - It really is as easy as putting a second bag right next to your trash can. Whenever you go to throw something out, if you can recycle it instead, stick it in the designated "recycle" bag. See, this really is easy!
  • Re-use plastic bags. I know I am guilty of leaving the store with lots of plastic bags which I am sure are awful for the environment. In the event that I do remember to bring a recyclable bag, I'm in luck. However, for all the other bags I have leftover, I can use them several times before recycling them.
  • Donate clothes and other gently used items. Time for spring cleaning? Why not donate your clothes, shoes, jackets, or whatever else you have in your closet to the local Salvation Army or Goodwill. It will be greatly appreciated and contribute to the recycling effort to "go green."
  • Lastly, (and probably the most challenging one of all!), interact with people face to face. It's time to put down the phones and laptops and have the human connection. Having a conversation in person will not only cut your phone/electrical bill but also save the planet! Just another excuse to get together for coffee...

I hope you enjoyed the tips. Anything special you're doing to contribute to a healthier environment? Share your tips here.

P.S. I won't be posting again until Sunday. I'm embarking on an a technology-free journey this weekend that I'll write about later... should be interesting...


  1. Great post--all good reminders. One I would add is to try and group your errands together so you aren't making multiple trips in your car on multiple days. And, think about the packaging of items BEFORE you even buy them...try to buy items that are easier to recycle and, obviously, less plastic. Also, some places accept those plastic bags you get from grocery stores--it may be possible in your area to donate your plastic bags to shelters, Goodwill, flea markets etc.

    Enjoy your tech-free time...sounds good! (My cell phone broke a few days ago and it was actually quite freeing!)

  2. Here's another less!!! You need so much less than you think you is NOT about consumption (contrary to the popular wisdom of "he who dies with the most wins").