Wednesday, April 21, 2010


If any of you are familiar with the P90X workout program, you know that it is a pretty intense 90-day regiment to whip anyone into shape. While I am not currently doing this particular program, I've realized a few key things about lifestyle changes that I think apply to anyone. The great part about it is the transformation that comes along with the hard work, exercise and diet change, truly comes from within. I was recently browsing the website and came across the blog of the founder of the program, Tony Horton, and he had a really awesome post that I thought was fitting to share. Enjoy!

Read it here: "The Change"

P.S. Any recent lifestyle changes of your own that have contributed to a positive attitude and a better outlook on life? Share stories here or email me:


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  1. I am always inspired by others, who through their own passion and energy for an idea, can impact others in such a big way. Positive energy is truly contagious!