Thursday, August 12, 2010

Starry, starry night..

Tonight's post is short... Just wanted to say that I had the opportunity to spend some time admiring the beauty of the universe tonight as it is the final night of the Perseid Meteor Shower. Since I was looking around 10:00 pm I only saw a few but it was still a brilliant sight to witness! If I had the willpower to wake up extra early tomorrow I would (supposedly the best time to view up to 75 meteors an hour is between 3-5:00 a.m.) But in any case tonight's view was a reminder that we are constantly surrounded by the remarkable and astounding beauty that the world has to share and it's sometimes easy to forget - and all it took was spending a few minutes stargazing to remember that. As I watched the meteors streaking across the sky it did two things for me: 1) gave me a better appreciation for where I live and the ability to even have a view of the night sky and the stars, and 2) subtly reminded me of the "bigger picture" that we all belong to. The idea that anywhere in the world, we are all witnessing the same night sky, is truly an incredible fact.

So if you're on the West coast maybe you'll get this post in time to take a look outside; and for all you East coasters maybe you can set your alarm a little early tomorrow to get your day off to a beautiful start!

If any of you had a chance to witness the meteor shower share your stories here or at

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