Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 16: Wake up!

The foggy, dark morning made for a great photo opp!

A great song, a strong jolt of java and enthusiasm for the day ahead comprise my morning routine to wake me up each day. Sometimes, however, the tasks ahead seem daunting, the pending work load seems insurmountable and the covers seem much too comfortable to leave! It is days like these I challenge myself, and you, to find a positive way to start the day. Unsure of where to begin? Here are a few ideas:
  • Read a "just for fun" book. If you make time before bed to read a few pages of a captivating book, spare a few extra minutes in your morning routine reading. (I started reading Dan Brown's "Deception Point" earlier this week and can't put it down!) For more suggestions, Amazon is a great resource.
  • Bookmark a blog or favorite website. Often, I start the day reading the news, but I've found that this doesn't always provide the bright start to the morning I was hoping for. Instead of checking the WSJ or LA Times first, I scroll through my favorite blogs and websites of interest to read upbeat and fun headlines and stories.
  • Go outside. Spending just a couple of minutes in the brisk morning air is enough to pry your eyes open! While it may not be realistic to take a walk or make time for exercise, find a way to enjoy nature's early morning peace and calm.
  • Listen. Whether it's your favorite morning television talk show, radio DJ or playlist, sometimes others' energy is invigorating and contagious. My go-to jams in the a.m. include: Raphael Saadiq, The Bees, Eric Hutchinson, and an emerging artist, Ximena Sarinana.
Any favorite ways to start your day? Share your comments below.

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