Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 1

So here it is, a Tuesday just like any other, and for some unexplainable reason - I am incredibly happy and upbeat today. (I can't say I was grinning from ear to ear when my alarm went off at 5:30 this morning...) but as the day went on, everything seemed to be INCREDIBLE. And let me just clarify, I didn't do anything spectacular or out of the ordinary! I woke up, quickly threw on some work out clothes, commuted downtown, headed to spinning class, got ready, work until 4:30, drove home, had dinner, and now I find myself here.

Ok wait, let me try that again.

I woke up (to my alarm playing the new Black Eyed Peas Song which I am obsessed with so that immediately started the day off great), threw on some work out clothes (only to soon realize that I was completely wide awake which literally never happens), commuted downtown (beat the morning traffic and witnessed the sunrise over the city horizon while listening to alternative rock on the radio sans obnoxious morning talk shows), headed to spinning class (where I had the privelage of being in the same class as the company president!), got ready (looked really good today), worked until 4:30 (I accomplished everything on my to-do list and more), drove home (no traffic, twice in one day - that is unheard of!!), had dinner (which I didn't even have to cook!), and now I find myself here (where I am currently relishing in the fabulous-ness of this day.)

Alright so this is the part where I make a point. For some ridiculous and unexplained reason, I was inspired by my absolutely-normal-and-ordinary-but-still-fantastic-day to start a challenge for myself. For every day that passes for the next year, I am going to find something positive that happened. Even if it is as simple as ordering a latte from the on campus cafe and they actually get the coffee/milk ratio correct, I am determined to see something positive in my life at least once a day. I know that this is going to be a stretch..especially with my hectic fall semester coming up.. but I think that this could be a new and happier way to approach my life. And I'll be honest, I could use one of those! So, raise a glass to my new attitude and wish me luck!



  1. Well (deep subject), I could not imagine a better quest! People are drawn to other positive people --- you go girl!

  2. love your blog and it has helped me look at things more positively. love gramma