Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 106

Yikes this week has flown by and it has completely slipped my mind to update! It's funny how being on Christmas "break" can sometimes end up being busier than any other time of the year trying to fit in time with family and friends and of course baking and cooking holiday favorites. Anyway the past few days have been a whirlwind catching up with people who are in town for the holidays and attempting to finish up Christmas shopping (somehow I thought I was done three weeks ago, turns out I got ahead of myself!) The stores are always so crowded and traffic is always backed up everywhere you go but for some reason it's a comforting feeling knowing it's "that time of the year again."

I'm finding that each year it becomes more of a challenge to get into the holiday spirit. As a child, you look forward to setting out cookies for Santa and indulging in treats and receiving gifts. But then it eventually becomes obvious that there is more to it than that and then suddenly you're sitting here wondering what exactly?! Well I don't have all the answers, and I never will, but I came to a realization with help from those around me. I receieved a letter the other day from one of the sweetest people that I know, my friend Ann-Helen who lives in Norway. She spent several months living with our family in high school and although I haven't seen her since, we have remained in close contact over the years. Her letter said that Christmas is a time to take the time to make people in your life feel special, but that is something I do every day of the year. It was really comforting to hear that and it brings me to my point: Christmas is just another day of celebration. In all honesty, everyday should be like Christmas! Taking time to catch up with friends and family, trying new recipes, traveling to see relatives, and reaching out to people in need. Why should it be limited to one particular season? I guess what I am saying is that sometimes there is a lot of hustle and bustle around this time of year, so much that you forget what it's all about and suddenly it's "over" and everyone is ripping down decorations and lights and running to the store to exchange and return unwanted gifts.

Take a step back and really enjoy this celebration. I challenge everyone to keep the festivities and celebrating each and every day, and not be limited to the few short weeks of December.

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