Monday, February 15, 2010

Eat for a cause!

Saving the world AND eating a delicious meal? Is that possible?!

I think I may have discovered the perfect solution to solving all of the world's problems: a vegan restaurant called Loving Hut. Even the "about" section on their website is persuasive enough to make you consider changing your eating habits.
  • Loving Hut is created with a vision that all beings could live in peace, love and harmony with each other and the planet. Loving Hut chain restaurants are newly opening around the world. It is an invitation to gourmet cuisine made with wholesome vegan ingredients, offering an accessible starting point for those making the noble transition to a plant-based diet.

And the coolest part is that there are restaurant locations all around the world! It'd be so cool to visit every one of them (someday?) but for now I'll stick with the one down the street. Instant new favorite AND instant mood-lifter! I like the idea that the restaurant is family-owned, non-profit, and strives to use ingredients and recipes that are healthy, delicious, and offer the world what it needs: peace and harmony! Cool stuff.

What were your "Monday mood-lifters?" Share your stories here!


  1. OMG what a find! Both the concept and the food sound awesome. How could any restaurant be more perfect for you! Are you sure this is not your place?? You would be a perfect marketing/PR rep!

    I'm getting hungry just looking at the food pix.... I see no locations in Ohio...yet:)

    A story from today.... One of my top priorities was to get my mission trip photos printed! I'm a bit disappointed in myself for not doing this already. One major hang-up has been the file format of the pics I downloaded from my Blackberry.

    I made it my mission for the day to get all the formatting mess straigthened out once and for all -- and it took me all day to do it! I am just about ready to place an order for a photo book online from Haven't used them before but they seem to be the highest rated online service at a reasonable cost. Wish me luck!

  2. Yum!!! That sounds like you found Candice's Planet to me :)

  3. I'll have to check out snapfish the next time I need to order pictures!

    And yes I'd have to agree, this IS the perfect restaurant for my taste! Only thing more perfect is an Olympian who owns a coffee shop to support Olympic athletes! Crazy isn't it?!