Friday, February 19, 2010

VISA has the right idea: "Go World"

While I was watching the Olympics last night, I saw a really cool VISA commercial that encompassed everything that I love about the games. The theme of the commercials is "Go World," and the idea is that everyone comes together, despite their differences, for the international event two weeks every two years. Each commercial features a different athlete's inspiring story. I took the time to look up a few of my favorites on YouTube. I recommend you watch all of them! They're really uplifting and further prove that advertising continues to surprise me. You know what I say to that? "Go VISA!"

Anyway take a look at the following links. Enjoy!

Have you seen any commercials or ads relating to the Olympics that you enjoy? Share them here!


  1. SWEET!! Very nice, puts things in perspective doesn't it? Why can't people ahve that perspective in non-Olympic years??

  2. I agree! Imagine what a world that would be..

  3. Sounds like an "includer" kind of a perspective (can't help it, I just came from a Strengths class that was held this evening:)

    Wow, I remember seeing that second video of Kerri Strug (one-leg landing) during the Olympics that year. Pretty incredible!

  4. I didn't even think about the "includer" strength...but that makes sense now!

    And btw the Kerri Strug story is incredible!! One of my favorites.