Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Words to live by

To start, I wanted to share this quote that I came across today that I felt was appropriate to feeling tired, overwhelmed, overworked, or unsure of what tomorrow might bring:
"When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!" ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

On a different note...My roommate was recently telling me about something her professor was encouraging everyone in the class to do: write a "creed" to live each day by. This reminded me of what Gretchen Rubin, the author of The Happiness Project book (and blog) did at the beginning of her path towards a happier life. I think it's a pretty cool idea and while I am a huge advocate for setting goals and doing what you can to stick to them, I think the most important aspect of each and every day is living to your fullest potential and being the best version of yourself that you can. That being said, I really like the idea of writing a personal "creed" as a subtle reminder to yourself of how you want to live life each day. I haven't had a chance to think about this too much yet, but off the top of my head, my own personal creed would be something along the lines of...
  • Find something to smile about no matter what the situation
  • Start each day with an open heart and open mind
  • Open my eyes to the best of everyone and try to see the positives in them
  • Let things go. Move on.
  • S l o w down
  • Eat the cookie!
  • Be here, in the moment, right now
  • Brighten the world with laughter
  • Share a kind thought with someone

I will eventually add more to this list, but for now, I will do my best to work on remembering these things each day. I think it's really important to take the time to remind yourself how you can surround yourself with positivity and optimism.

What does your own personal creed look like?


  1. Hahaha, I loved the Eat the cookie bullet! :)

  2. I like yours. Can I copy?! I may add "Drink the coffee!"

    Here is a "creed" so to speak that has stuck with me over the years. "I lead first by example. Everything I say or do sends a message, sets a tone, and teaches people what to do or what not to do!"

  3. I like your creed, too. I think mine would be something along the lines of "Either get busy livin' or get busy dyin'..." Now, the quiz of the day, which movie did that come from???

  4. I don't know what movie that's from! (I'm awful at remembering movie quotes!!!)