Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Ready for a challenge?

What are you thinking, right....now. At this very moment. Don't worry about tomorrow. Forget about yesterday. Five minutes from now is unimportant. How about now?

Think on it. Send your thoughts to TheDailyChallengeBlog@gmail.com. As always, I'm curious.


  1. I'm thinking about how in the world I'm going to explain to my 5 year old son how he got in my tummy. I kid-you-not...he is not settling with the simple answers--wouldn't have thought I'd be having a real sex talk with him this early. Only reason I'm online now is to temporarily avoid the question that he's asking right now. Welcome back, BTW!

  2. S - I guess "the stork brought you" just wasn't cutting the mustard, eh? I'm thinking about how what a beautiful day it was today...crystal clear sunshine - the kind of day you just can't help but smile :)