Monday, September 27, 2010

Bringing People Together

As the title of this blog suggests, I enjoy a "challenge." I came across an interesting website today that may be of interest to you or someone that you know - a new initiative created by the U.S. government to partner with citizens in solving issues around the country. The website is - "a place where the public and government can solve issues together." I like the idea behind this initiative and thought that it was fitting as a Monday-mood-lifter! There are several different categories, ranging from health to education to technology. I believe that these projects are a great mix between the spirit of competition (the selected proposal gets a reward) while also bringing people together to solve real problems that we face. It is always interesting to see what unique perspective people come up with, especially when there is an incentive involved!

How about you - are there any issues in the U.S. that you believe you have the answer to? Share your thoughts here, I'm always curious.

Have a fabulous start to the week.

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