Monday, November 29, 2010

A New Way to Celebrate the Holidays in 2010

Happy (delayed) Thanksgiving! It is always this time of year that people begin to contemplate what they are thankful for while making a mad dash to the mall to check items off the holiday shopping list. During a time that is meant for sharing with friends and family, it is sometimes easy to get wrapped up in the chaos and craziness of the heightened level of "stress" that many people feel. I will admit that I too, am wrapped up in the online deals, the shopping, baking, etc., but I decided this year I want to do something a little different to celebrate the holiday season: do ten random and unexpected things for people over the next month. This does not necessarily involve buying something (although sometimes it will) - but the idea is to celebrate 2010, a spectacular, challenging, fun, eventful and adventurous year - by doing ten random kind things.

Anyone interested in doing their own version? I'd love to hear your insight. I will keep updating the blog so check back!

In the meantime...


  1. Cant wait too see you tomorrow! you will have to show me how to reduce the video size because mine is kind of messed up!

    Love you!

  2. Candice - I love the idea of doing ten "random" acts of kindness to celebrate the year 2010.....any details on what those random acts were? Inquiring minds want to know....