Thursday, January 19, 2012

328 reasons to ride

As I begin training for the Pan Ohio Hope Ride and chatting with others about the event, I am struck by the consistently supportive responses from everyone. The unfortunate truth often comes down to many people can relate to the devastating effects of cancer, and its life altering implications. And all I continue to remind myself during the days I am searching for motivation to get to the gym is the millions of lives touched by the American Cancer Society and their phenomenal work. (This overwhelming thought alone is an instant motivator.)

A few people close to me have recently been affected by the disease and I feel more compelled than ever to find a way to support each of them. So I've decided that while I'm no scientist, researcher, or million-dollar grant provider, I can write and share their stories. Three hundred and twenty eight stories, in fact. One to represent each mile along the four-day ride through Ohio.

And to do so, I'll need your help. Photos, quotes, stories, memories - anything you can share. I want to create a community of these inspirational stories as a reminder to "Celebrate Life."

Please pass this along and send your thoughts to

Peace & love.

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