Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Five minutes to re-energize the day

My typical morning routine is timed to the exact number of minutes it takes me to get ready, grab a cup of coffee and a quick breakfast, and head out the door. It certainly is not the most relaxing way to begin the day and I often find myself wishing I had a couple of extra minutes. Herein lies the secret - not hitting the snooze button! It may seem obvious but when in that groggy-half sleep-state of mind, it is easy to convince yourself why you need those extra 300 seconds of sleep, when in fact it probably doesn't do much after an entire night of sleep. A new way to spend those extra five minutes may add an extra burst of energy to your morning which carries throughout the day.

  •  Make breakfast. And no, having cereal in place of an on-the-go  granola bar doesn't count. Try eggs, peanut butter and banana toast, or a protein shake to start the day out right. You may even ward off the 10:00 a.m. hunger to last until lunch! 

  • Pump up the jams. My go-to playlist is Graffiti6 Pandora radio station. I find that leaving it on in the background is a great mood-booster and with favorites from Graffiti6, The Black Keys, Jimmy Eat World, and Cage the Elephant, you'll be ready to take on whatever the day has in store. Today's favorite is "A Little More Time" by Zox. 

  • Catch up with a friend. OK so maybe 6 a.m. isn't the ideal time for a phone call, but sending an email or writing a quick card to say hello may just make their day! 

What adds a burst of energy to your morning?

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  1. love it. i'm going to try to not hit snooze for the next week! wish me luck :)

  2. Thanks Rebecca! Good luck - Let me know how it goes...