Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 3

I spent most of the afternoon thinking about what I was going to write about tonight. Things seem to be pretty great lately so I didn't think I was going to know where to start! My idea came to me on the drive home from work.. It was raining when I was walking to my car (and by raining I mean pouring, and by walking to my car I mean running!!) And anyway as soon as I got on the highway I was flipping through the radio stations and literally as this song came on, the rain stopped and the sun came out. The song was "Beautiful Day" by U2 and I couldn't help but laugh to myself because it was all way too ironic and cheesy. Anyway I figured it was something that I would include today so here is the link to the video:

After I got home I decided to give my Grandma a call because I haven't talked to her in a really long time. She lives in upstate New York and I unfortunately haven't had the chance in a while to go visit and I've been meaning to call for the longest time but today I stopped making excuses and actually did it! She updated me on her upcoming craft shows and the onions growing in her garden and even talked a little bit about how her hand has been hurting lately (she broke it about a year ago and is still recovering.) Now here is a woman who is 78 years old, lives alone, and knits sweaters and other things to sell at craft shows for a living and not once while I was on the phone with her did she complain! Instead, all she did was talk about how she should be doing more (i.e. making more sweaters, writing me more letters, etc.) I could not get over how much of a positive and hard-working lady she is and I think that was definitely an inspiring moment of today.

I could tell she was really happy to hear from me and talking with her brought back a lot of memories from when I was younger and would go and visit her for a few weeks every summer. For some reason one particular memory stands out: I think I was about 5 years old when I was sitting in the backseat of her car. She was driving with my Uncle in the passenger seat and they were talking about where we were headed. She said we were going to "Whatchamacalit's" and all I could think about was "wow, what a weird name for a person!!" I think I realized a few years after that "whatchamacalit" was not actually anyone's name! The story makes me laugh everytime I think about it.

Today must have just a great day for catching up with family because I also had the pleasure of meeting my grandpa for dinner. We chatted about life and exchanged updates on anything new. I love talking to him because he has always had such a positive attitude towards life and it always inspires me! When I talk to him I feel like I'm on top of the world because he encourages me to dream and dream big. Recently he gave me some advice: "You can accomplish anything that you want in life but just remember, there is always a price to getting there" - advice that I truly believe in.

That's all for today so until tomorrow..

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  1. "The mind is everything....what you think is what you become." ~ Buddha