Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 59

It sounds like everyone is getting sick! Yikes it must be that time of year. Well the one good thing about feeling under the weather is having the excuse to take a step back from all of the craziness and force myself to relax! It is the only way I know how to truly "feel better." (Although I will admit I feel really lazy watching t.v. or playing endless games of Sudoku rather than going to meetings!!) Another positive I have recently discovered is the soundtrack to the new show "Glee" which is amazing! All of the songs are re-makes of popular songs and they are really great.. I think most of them are on youtube, if you have the chance check out their version of Don't Stop Believin' and the mashup version of It's My Life/Confessions. Hopefully they will brighten your day!


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