Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 72

What a terrific Tuesday. I really do think this blog has helped me to realize something pretty big over the past few weeks: you have to create opportunities for yourself, even if it is something small, to enjoy life every day. I am really passionate about PR and the field that I want to go into, and until this semester, I didn't take the time to do too much outside of the classroom to gain experience. That has changed a lot! I literally have issues saying no when things come my way because I want to be involved in so much. I am currently working with another student to jumpstart a student run PR firm at school which is really exciting. It's something that I didn't even picture myself doing and to be honest I never really thought too much about. But like I said before, it's opportunities like these that you have to create, you can't just think about them because that doesn't get you anywhere! I can sit here and dream all day but if I have big and bright plans and suddenly erase them from my life, I'll be wondering for the rest of my life "what could have been." Anyway it's exciting to find something that I really enjoy, and it truly is most of the reason why I can be optimistic!


  1. Kudos Candice! What a thrill it must be!

    Reminds me of the Albert Einstein quote which I'm sure you've heard before. "Learn from yesterday, LIVE FOR TODAY, dream for tomorrow." Emphasis on the live for today because I feel it really gets at the "get out there and create opportunities" piece. Or as Nike's ad suggests, "just do it!"

  2. Both of those quotes are awesome, thanks for sharing!