Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 79

Today was the perfect opportunity to kick off the holiday season with a night of friends and homemade dessert. I used it as an excuse to break out one of my favorite holiday recipes (chocolate graham cracker toffee.) It was amazing to 1)catch up with some of my friends who I haven't seen in a while, 2)devour some incredible desserts, and 3)get into the holiday spirit. Any special holiday traditions that you enjoy this time of year? I'm always curious to hear how people celebrate since everyone has different things they look forward to.



  1. Our Thanksgiving tradition is pretty traditional I would say. We host dinner at our house, and all my family comes over for most of the day. I get up early to cook, turn on the TV to the parade then the football games, neither of which anyone really watches. Then it's dinner time, maybe a game or two, make our plans for Christmas, and it there is snow the kids go out and build a snowman.

    One year we hosted a guest named Xiang (pronounced "Ch-ang")from China which was really awesome. I don't think anyone in my family believed me when I called them in advance to warn them to be on their best behavior. Xiang really wanted to know everything about the Thanksgiving traditions. He was absolutely amazed at how large the turkey was and was probably most curious about the pumpkin pie. :)

  2. Wow that must have been a really neat experience to have an exchange student for Thanksgiving!! Thank you for sharing, it's great to hear about your traditions! :)