Thursday, January 28, 2010

The end/beginning of something great

"Every end is a new beginning," a theme that is found in many works of art and literature, and something that I find as a peaceful reminder to keep in mind when going through any period of change. Tonight is my last night in Ohio, after being here for six weeks and being away from school and the busy schedule that each semester usually brings. I am never 100% ready to leave when I am home, but I am looking forward to being back at school and with my friends again. I think the past few weeks has brought a lot of great things to light in my own life, and hopefully things that I have shared with you as well.

  • I found that as New Year's came around and everyone was making resolutions for 2010 that it wasn't something I necessarily thought a good idea for my own life personally, because I find that I do best taking things one thing at a time, (which is something that should help a lot this semester since I am involved in a lot of projects that could prove to be very time consuming.) I think as long as I continue to relax and not let my mind go into "panic-mode" or "stress out" I will be a-OK!
  • I also discovered the power of a smile. "Happy face man" from yesterday actually gave me a huge hug today as I left work this morning, (something that might sound awkward but I find him adorable so it wasn't a weird hug!) He thanked me for smiling every morning and I told him the same thing. It was really nice to hear that but more importantly it was nice to be able to thank him for something simple like his friendliness and positivity towards others. The Happy Face is something I will remind myself of every day!
  • Getting a good start to your day and convincing yourself it will be a great day is probably the most important "discovery" I have made the past few weeks. It might sound obvious to most people but since I am not a morning person at all I often have a challenging time waking up in a good mood. Lately I have felt a lot better in the mornings because I literally tell myself how great of a day I am going to have which makes me eager to see what the day will bring. I love this approach and I actually find I am starting to look forward to mornings! Never thought I'd see that day...
  • And the last thing for today (since unfortunately I have not finished packing quite yet) is the power of human compassion, even in the smallest ways. An obvious example is the way people poured resources and hard work into raising money and awareness for the devastating situation in Haiti. A more day-to-day example that I have seen is the act of paying it forward to friends, family members, or even strangers with little acts of kindness that are unexpected. It is awesome how easy it is to make someone's day if you go five minutes out of your way to do something extra.
That's all for today! I hope you all are having a terrific week. Cheers to heading back to school and a great new semester ahead!



  1. Happy face man did look sad this morning ... I think he misses you:)

    Got the card you left under my door when I made it to the office today, and it made my day! So I can attest that is was a great way to start the day...Thanks!

  2. I just stumbled across your blog...glad to see others trying to live positively! When we stop learning about ourselves and growing, we just stop. Feel free to check out my blog, too! :-)