Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Listen up!

As I've mentioned before, sometimes you have to look outside your own life to find something to smile about each day. We all have "those days," where things continue to pile onto our to-do lists or stuff just isn't getting done, BUT I encourage you to take time to seek happiness, calmness, relaxation, and joy. Trust me, it's everywhere! Today I came across a lot of great content (completely by accident too) that I wanted to share.
  • Starbucks Love Project - Although I prefer to support the local coffee house as much as I can, I can't deny that this website is pretty cool! For each drawing submitted (up to the first one million), Starbucks has donated 5 cents to help fight AIDS in Africa. The cause is great AND the artwork is awesome. That's what I call the perfect project. Way to go Starbucks!
  • Millionaire Gives Away ALL His Money - As the saying goes, "money can't buy happiness," and here is a man who is putting everything on the line to prove it. A self-made millionaire, Karl Rabeder, has decided to donate every penny in his name to charity and move to his cabin in the mountains, with zero dollars of salary, savings, or financial support. This is a bold step and is something to look up to! I'm not about to follow in his footsteps, but I think it's really admirable that someone would do this. Although a drastic example, I think his story helps demonstrate that money does not solve everything and there is so much more to life than possessions, money, and material things. It's great to hear stories about truly selfless people!
  • Lastly, I found a few quotes that I thought were fitting to the messages I've posted about recently. The last one, "Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections," is my favorite because I think this is the secret key to unlocking your happiness potential! (What is a "perfect" life anyway? Does it even exist?!)
Check out these quotes and let me know what you think. Any words you strive to live each day by?


  1. I agree that happiness is interpreting your surroundings and circumstances and realizing that you have a choice how to perceive and move with, through and beyond.

  2. I love those quotes you posted. I also think true joy is found in moving closer to who you really are....