Thursday, February 11, 2010

ONE thought to change your day

"You are only one thought away from BLISS."

While I was running errands today I spotted the quote above outside of my favorite house in the neighborhood, on it's usual 8.5X11 make-shift sign in the front yard. Immediately, it jump-started my brain into a frenzy of thinking. Think about it for a moment... as much as you are one thought away from "bliss," you are equally distant from "anger," "denial," "stress," "frustration," "irritability..." the list could continue. Say for example, you're standing in a spot, exactly half way in between your favorite restaurant, and the worst possible fast-food place with absolutely nothing appealing on the menu, and you're absolutely famished and looking for something to eat. Clearly, in this situation, you would walk the distance to your favorite place rather than walk the same distance to the place you despise. Isn't it obvious? The choice is yours. What do YOU want to do with your "one thought"? What do you want your attitude to be?

Today: I choose happiness. I choose friendliness. I choose determination. I choose optimism. How about you?


  1. The power of the mind and the body's relationship to happy and healthy cannot be underestimated. If you are figuring that out at 22 you have a very bright future.

  2. We have all the energy of the universe available to us, every moment of every day. Once you realize it, it has a wonderful, uplifting effect on you. I believe that tapping into this energy can even keep you from getting colds and viruses. Amazing stuff!!!! Our minds are "all powerful."

  3. AMAZING, Candice! Very well said...and I am going to think about that today. Thank you for putting a very inspirational thought into words for us all to chew on as we face many choices in our day. :-)

  4. Although I had your blogs link in my right hand column...I'm going to add a post today sending my viewers to you--you've got some thought provoking things to say! keep it up!