Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday madness!

I'm assuming we've all heard of "March Madness" in reference to basketball.. well let me introduce you to Monday madness! It's a Monday when you have zero time to do anything that is not listed in your planner and you have to find other ways to seek moments of peace and calm. So for today I figured out a way to incorporate a few "mood-lifters" into my day, and I'd say it was overall successful in helping me remember to breathe and be inspired!
  • Music: As always, music is the best remedy for anything. My song choices today? Upside Down (Jack Johnson), All Around the World (Oasis), and Warm Whispers (Missy Higgins.)
  • Tea: I find that a mug of tea has a much better effect on calming my mind than a tall latte (which is what I tend to lean toward when given the choice.) Today I made a conscious effort to relax my mind and I chose a Vanilla Roobios flavor from Starbucks which is my favorite.
  • Quote: Inspiring words from Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Make the most of yourself for that is all there is to you."
  • The Price of Beauty: Jessica Simpson's new show, The Price of Beauty, premiered on VH1 tonight and while I was working on a project I had it on in the background. The concept of the show is really cool - she spent time traveling all over the world to learn about what defines "beauty" in different countries. Today's episode was her trip to Thailand and it was definitely interesting to see the differences between "American beauty" and the culture in Thailand. (And interestingly enough now I want to go there even more than before because she got to ride on an elephant! How cool!)
Any moments from your Monday that you want to share? Feel free to comment! I love hearing your stories, quotes and thoughts.

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  1. My Monday started off on the wrong foot...all because of the time change. Had to wake the kids for the oldest to go to school...and the youngest scream-cried the whole drive to school. I had to keep reminding myself that "this too shall pass". It's stressful driving with a screaming 2 year old! ha. But then I made a conscious decision to not let the first hour of the day dictate the mood for the rest of the day. It turned out okay!

  2. BTW, thanks for the song choices--had heard Upside Down from Curious George, but not the other two...I like!

  3. I made a decision to be happy today in spite of a bad circumstance. It is a reminder that happiness is a choice, always, no matter where we are or what we are doing....

  4. Remember Aniqa Feerasta from this past summer? She is on Spring Break and visited the Bank on Monday. Luckily we got a chance to have lunch together! It was great to catch up. She graduates soon! And she asked about you and Janelle:)

  5. Thank you all for the comments! It's great to hear from you.