Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"A Little Cloud"

So we all have "those days:" the tired, unmotivated type, the kind of day where smiling seems like a big effort, and things don't seem great. But the good news is, as I've said before, you have to go through the storms to get through a rainbow, and despite what may be happening, there are always things to stay positive about. I spoke with my grandma for a while today and she shared a great story with me. While she was at work, a cranky customer came through the line, whining and moaning about everything under the sun and complaining about every little thing the came to his mind. And my grandma, the sweet, kind woman that she is, responded to him by saying, "You know what's always free? My smile!" and offered him her beautiful smile to brighten his day. And you know what? He told her just how beautiful her smile was and just how right she was. And I'm sure he went on with a brighter outlook on his day (hopefully his life too.)

And on another unrelated note, I came across a poem, "A Little Cloud," that encompassed today.

A little tear, a little crying,

For not all of life is smiling;

A little cloud, a little rain,

Though the sun is always shining.

A little pain, a little aching,

So our hearts can keep on growing;

A little cross to see the right,

A little night before the light!


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  1. You will always be the sunshine in my life.....