Monday, February 1, 2010

Magnificent Monday

It's Monday.. you know what that means? Time for another round of Mood-Lifters! Today there were a lot of them (mostly very random) and the day isn't even over yet! I'm curious to hear about your own too so feel free to share, as always! I love your stories and inspiring thoughts.
  • Beginnings. First of all, today was the first day of spring semester and it definitely started out on a great note! Not for any particular reason (although I do only have one class on Mondays which is a 50 minute weight training class, so I guess my schedule is pretty great so far!) But I just have a good feeling about this semester and today solidified that.
  • Lovely plants. I went to Trader Joe's today and came across a huge display of flowers and plants. Since I am always looking for the simplest things to make me smile, I decided to buy one of the tiny potted flower plants to keep in my apartment as a reminder of how beautiful the world is. BTW I named it February in honor of the first day of the month! I have already noticed that the apartment seems much more cheerful with the newest addition to our table, and, I think I may have just discovered a new obsession. (Watch out for updates, I have a feeling "February" will have many plant-friends to come in the near future.)
  • Homemade chai tea lattes. Need I say more? OK so I'll admit I am not the biggest tea drinker, but as my coffee addiction continues to invade my life, I decided I am going to put more effort into liking teas and other drinks so I don't pump my body with caffeine all day! (And I wonder why I have a hard time sleeping?) Anyway today I bought a box of chai tea powder (again at Trader Joe's) and made iced chai tea lattes for my friend and I while she took a break in between work and class. They were fantastic! And I can't wait to make this my new afternoon drink rather than a venti iced coffee with soy milk from Starbucks. Although that is sounding dangerously good right now...
  • Library card. So as my roommate put it, I am a huge dork because I actually stopped at the Orange Public Library today to get a library card. I honestly had no reason behind it but I happened to be driving by and decided to stop and pick one up. I think since I was reading a lot while I was home over break I have the desire to continue reading although I know with classes and homework it might be difficult to find time. The only issue is that my limit is 50 items at a time... and I was really hoping to read 51 books in the next week. Darn.
  • Oldies music. I have a thing with listening to old "doo-wop" songs, which I can thank my grandma for because it reminds me of being at her house on Sunday evenings in the summer time when I was younger. So today while I was running errands I popped in my latest find, Doo-Wop Classics CD, and listened to Dell Vikings - Whispering Bells and Dell Vikings - Come Go With Me to complete my perfect afternoon.
What made your Monday magnificent? Share your thoughts and stories here :)

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  1. All good stuff....but those Sunday evenings were spent at our house playing badmitton and croquet in the yard. Miss those days :\