Sunday, February 28, 2010

Simple reminders

Ever had a day where you have consciously had to stop and think about smiling? Or being positive? Or reaching out to friends and family members who need a laugh? Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the chaos of every day things and it is easy to overlook what is most important: each day IS precious and wonderful. It's easy (too easy) to forget that. So to help bring positive vibes to each day, my roommate and I started a new habit this past weekend that I think anyone could do. We put up post-it notes around the places we most often look (especially in the morning) that say things like:
  • Today is beautiful
  • Be generous
  • Think positively
  • Make today wonderful
So far that's all we have but I can tell you that it really does help serve as a subtle reminder to myself to remember the important things each day. If I lived every day like that, I think I'd worry a lot less and I may even get more things done! Sounds like a sweet deal.

Any ideas for what the next set of post-its should say??


  1. Don't worry...
    Be happy!
    Today is a gift
    Live, laugh, love
    Esta bien!

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  3. Be joyful
    Live in the moment
    Life is short, so why not?
    You're GORGEOUS!
    Just do it!!!

  4. I will be adding those to our walls!! :)