Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh hello there, sunshine

As you know, today was "daylight savings time," meaning we all have to set our clocks ahead and lose an hour of sleep. Who wants to do that?! I can honestly say that I bet there is not a single person out there who prefers to lose an hour of sleep on a Saturday night - however, this isn't something that we can really change! Today I decided to find a unique way to celebrate this transitional day that happens once a year by venturing to the beach to watch the sunrise with my Mom. What I discovered was something more beautiful than words or pictures can describe - but I am going to attempt to recreate it here.

As I watched the sun rise at the bright and early hour of 7 a.m., I was taking in the beauty, fresh air, and change of environment that I needed (seeing as I have spent the last several days in front of my laptop or buried in a book.) I was relishing in the early morning beauty of the world when I noticed that it looked like something more spectacular than just a sunrise - it was almost as if the sunshine was hugging the world. The colors of the sun's rays were spreading across the sky, slowly enveloping the entire sky with radiant reds, yellows, and blues. The phenomenal effect of the color spreading from one side of the skyline to the other reminded me of outstretched arms delicately fitting everyone and everything on our planet into a giant hug. It was the coolest moment that I've had in a while.

Needless to say, I got my day off to a great start, in spite of the lack of sleep I have experienced the last few days. And I learned something valuable today: no matter what type of day it is, rainy, cloudy, stormy, or humid, the sunshine is always there, giving the world a giant hug to start each morning off in a loving and beautiful way. I'd like to think back on that image each and every morning when I wake up from now on. I'm pretty certain it will be a good reminder of the wonderful and positive things that we have to look forward to.

I hope you enjoy celebrating daylight savings time, and have a happy Sunday :)

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  1. Wow you both must have gotten up pretty early but it looks like it was so worth it! All are great pics and I just luv the last one!!

  2. I love the last picture too....looks like the road less traveled. What a great way to start the week and to spring into Spring!!!!

  3. Yes that one is my favorite picture too!! It's currently the background on my computer.