Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday words...

Think about things that you enjoy. Your hobbies, loved ones, passions, places you've been, things you have done.. anything else that brings a smile to your life. Now narrow it down, and try to focus on thinking of those things in only a few words. Positive words: happy, positive, inspiring, celebratory, motivational, uplifting, exciting, etc.

Now for the real challenge. Apply this same strategy to your life. What if you could describe your entire day in ONE word?

Forget "overwhelming," "stressful," or "disappointing."
Disregard any words with negative connotations.
Replace those words with their opposite meaning. (Remember back in elementary school when you learned about antonyms? Well put your brain back into 5th grade mode!)

Think along the lines of what you first brainstormed. Choose a few key words that relate to things that you love or things you aspire to do or achieve. If you start each day, thinking about these words, and the meanings that they hold for you in your own personal life, you will bring more joy into your day! The power of words and language is an incredible thing.

I guess what I am trying to say is this. Choosing positivity is a matter of just that - a choice. If you seek to use positive words to describe your interactions with people, your workplace, school, whatever it may be - you will be more likely to enjoy each and every day.

My word of choice today: Teamwork. I've been working closely with a few other students on a big project for the past several months and we are going into the final phase of preparation before the big day. We have recently dealt with a few obstacles and I know that the only way we can have a successful event is to trust one another and know that we are all doing the best that we can and working through all the challenges that we have faced! There have been some ups and downs but I think the best type of learning is what we can do when we are in a group setting - and we can achieve so much more together. That being said, here's to the next few weeks. Go team!

What's your Wednesday word of the day?


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