Monday, April 19, 2010

What's awesome in your life?

Happy Monday everyone! To kick-off the week I was introduced to a great blog site called 1000 Awesome Things. Each day a new post is a little thing that we find simple joy in - such as taking the first spoonful out of a peanut butter jar or waking up before your alarm goes off only to realize you have more time to sleep. So after reading this I started to think, what was unusually wonderful about today? Sure it's great to have a positive attitude - but how about those things that you just can't plan on happening. Check out the site and also feel free to share your stories here!

Awesome things from today that could also apply to everyday life...
  • Realizing you're actually was ten minutes early to work instead of ten minutes late.
  • Thinking about and missing an old friend and receiving a text from them within minutes of the thought.
  • Working on a group project and realizing that everyone is feeling the same anxiety and nerves and you aren't crazy for feeling stressed.
  • Checking your email inbox and having zero new messages to read.
  • Discovering new blogs because people go out of their way to send you the link. (Thanks Katie for this one!)

Hope you all had an awesome day! :)


  1. I, too, found this blog back on Tax Day on Gretchen's Happiness Project blog. (Check out her post from that day...she talks about the blog author in more detail.) So my Awesome Things list is: getting 10 extra minutes of sleep and not feeling rushed when I do get up, having a good hair day with no effort, getting the last slice of Lemon Loaf at Starbucks when I was REALLY craving it, checking my email inbox and having a dozen emails none of which are spam.

  2. You're welcome for the link :) I'd have to say my awesome thing today was actually having a good outfit/hair day and having my linguistics class cancelled after I thought I wouldn't make it through Biology. Hope you're having a fantastic day as well! :)