Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stuck in the rainstorm..

I got caught in a rainstorm today on my way home from work.

Without a jacket.

In a dress and flip flops.


Ok so what's my point here? I didn't try to outrun the storm. I walked. I made it home. And then I dried off.

Don't try to escape a challenge - face it. And you'll find that maybe..you even enjoy it along the way. Although I'm not going to lie I was pretty cold by the time I got to my apartment. Lesson learned: start carrying an umbrella and invest in a jacket!


  1. Nice story, nixe lesson learned. I can picture your face after the rain started, then again when you decided to walk. Nice visual, with a pearly white smile.

  2. Yeesh...rain. Although up here in the NW it's a more common occurance. Ha. But good for you for turning it around. I remember being in Florida years ago and was so surprised when a sudden rainstorm hit...and, yup, I was in shorts and flip flops. I'm glad you got warmed up and hopefully enjoyed a nice hot cup of something.