Monday, May 3, 2010

How is it already May?!

It's crazy how time flies! Take a moment to enjoy the beautiful month of May and check out these mood lifters from today.
  • Awesome Jason Mraz "I'm Yours" remix. My new favorite song!

  • A cool quote: "The real transformation comes from within." Inspiring words and a great reminder of how we should live life!
  • Lastly I want to hear from you!! Anything good planned for this month? I am looking forward to all of the "May flowers" that the "April showers" hopefully will bring.



  1. Colton and I are really looking forward to May 30th, when we will start a very special special summer..........

  2. Tomorrow (May 5th) I am presenting at the KM Conference in DC on the topic of Gov 2.0 communities and social networking:) ...... Just got back from an evening jog past the White House!

  3. Today I am facilitating a meeting on "World Class Customer Service" and its relevance in the hospital setting. And today (May 5), I am remembering back 21 years ago, when a very, VERY special person came into my life....