Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm back...again!

It is both ironic and fitting that my leave-of-absence from writing my "daily" blog was after my "No More Excuses" post. While I admit that part of me just needed a break from the daily blogging habit, and part of me was procrastinating even coming back to the blog at all, an even bigger part of me took the post to heart and actually starting doing things rather than making excuses. At the beginning of the summer (like every other one), I made a list of things that I wanted to spend my spare time doing: Organizing my room, reading, biking, spending more time outside, exploring, catching up with friends and family - to name a few. The truth is, while I have started doing some of these things, I've been able to accomplish something even more meaningful for myself - let go of the list! I obsessively write lists and I have a habit of writing two, three, sometimes more, in a single day. It's especially time consuming during the school year when I have several things to keep up with and make sure I get done every day. However, now I've decided that sometimes you really do just have to start "doing" instead of planning. I've spent the first month of summer enjoying the little things that I've let slip out of my daily life over the past few months. I've learned that often times the best moments are the unplanned and unpredicted ones, and it's easy to lose sight of that and get caught up in schedules, calendars and to-do's. I'm not saying that I won't go back to my list-making habits (which are in fact, quite effective and productive!) However, what I am saying, is when you truly want to start living and experiencing things around you, now is the time! There's no reason to wait until tomorrow, next weekend, or next month. Today's a great day for a walk in the park. Right now is a good time to try the new pasta stand down the street. This moment is a perfect time to call a relative just to say hello. Why wait?!

Any summer revelations of your own?

Welcome back, readers.

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  1. Good to see you back Candice:)

    On our last vacation, the only thing I planned for was our lodging at Lake George. Everything else was spontaneous and "unplanned", and I loved it!