Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday mornings

I think we all wake up and sometimes have "those days" where things just seem like they aren't going to go right. (As a matter of fact today was one of them, just when I thought I was on time I realized I had to run to the bank, and of course the ATM was broken, and of course I hit traffic and did not get to work early like planned.) These events tend to have a spiral effect - oftentimes you think "it's going to be one of those days" and suddenly - it IS - and everything is going wrong. But the good news is.. that if you can find a way to laugh it off, or just realize that once in a while these things do happen to everyone (and you aren't actually a victim, but instead just human like everyone else), then chances are things will start to look up. I came across this poem today as I randomly opened a Shel Silverstein book that was sitting on the shelf and it inspired this post so I wanted to share it here.

Why is it some mornings
Your clothes just don't fit?
Your pants are too short
To bend over or sit
Your sleeves are too long
And your hat is too tight-
Why is it some mornings
Your clothes don't feel right?

Happy Monday! Here's to a great week.

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