Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life's indulgences

Sometimes... you just have to give in to life's indulgences.

If you haven't already noticed, mine happens to be anything and everything pumpkin (at least for this season, next season I'll get back to you with the latest and greatest find!) But for now, I am taking the opportunity of this wonderful autumn season to enjoy this indulgence and share it with others.

A-ha. That's the important part. "Indulging" is probably associated with greed or selfish behavior, but putting it into this new context, one in which you share that indulgence with others, now suddenly you are a participator in the pay-it-forward mantra.

It's the perfect solution when you think about it - find something you enjoy and love so much that you want to share it with everyone you know!

Today was filled with lots of pumpkin-y goodness. The highlight? Pumpkin spice coffee purchased from World Market. With a splash of skim milk, it was the perfect start to a magnificent Monday. Accompanying the coffee, of course, was a delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookie (shared with three friends throughout the course of the day!) Now that is what I call a deliciously satisfying way to pay-it-forward. And, it is important to highlight the second cup of coffee of my day was a surprise iced-soy-pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. Thank you to my wonderful roommate for enjoying the indulgent pay it forward love!

What's your indulgence?

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