Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Art of a Playlist

I was in cycling class yesterday (after a very long hiatus) and the obvious hit me - a playlist has the potential to make or break a work out.

Allow me to elaborate.

A spinning class consists of periods of time where you are simulating a climb, or a hilly course, or a competitive sprint in which you have to spin faster, add more resistance, or stand up out of your seat. The 60-minute class is typically very challenging and at times, I find I need some motivation! I was in luck yesterday because the instructor had carefully crafted the perfect playlist to coincide precisely with the workout and provide the right beat to keep everyone positive and motivated. With this playlist, I was certain I could conquer any hill or spin at any speed! It was exhilarating.

In any case, today I went for a run and put together a quick fun on-the-go playlist on my iPod to boost my adrenaline. I did the best I could to coincide the songs with the beginning, middle and end of the 5K route. Enjoy!

Do you have favorite songs to workout to? Share them here or Tweet me @candicedeforest.

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