Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 13: DIY Sunshine

The day always starts off with the sunrise, although I'm finding that oftentimes, I cannot even see it! So by now, thirteen days into the challenge, I've realized something: you have to make your own sunrise each day. By that, I mean you have to create opportunities to see the good in what is before you. Sometimes it may be masked underneath other things, or you may choose to ignore it. But if you take time to truly appreciate each day and find others who will help you along the way, it will be much more fulfilling!

On that I made my own fresh start to the day with a trip to the gym. Early morning workouts are a great way to beat the crowded conditions the 5 p.m. time slot usually brings, and I find it an energizing way to begin the morning (although the tough part is definitely convincing myself of that when my alarm goes off!)  If you're tired of the same routine and looking for a new workout, check out Women's Health Magazine for downloadable and free exercises.

How did you create your sunshine today?

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