Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spotify's social integration: Love it or hate it?

Facebook announced several changes in the past week, one of which being the new requirement to have an account in order to use Spotify. Now, in my opinion, I see nothing wrong with this. First of all, over 750 million people have Facebook and I am betting a majority of Spotify users would already be in this category. Second, the music industry is undergoing a radical change and I think providing a social outlet just might be the answer to save it. Think about it - how do you find out about new music? Rarely are people browsing the CD aisle at the store anymore, and traditional radio is not the go-to choice. The answer? Find out what your friends are listening to and your library will expand tenfold.

And for those people who are concerned about an invasion of privacy? Well, the good news is Spotify enabled a "private listening" mode so every track doesn't show up in your Facebook profile. But if you are embarrassed to share your playlists with your friends because all you listen to is Michael Bolton, well then, I think there are other issues to address..

In the meantime, here are a few songs on repeat this week which I am currently loving:

What do you think - should Spotify users be required to have a Facebook account? Do you want to know what music your friends are listening to?

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