Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 6

So aside from starting out the day with an awesome bike ride (my last of the summer!!), spending time with family, and catching up with old friends, I had the pleasure of stumbling across the autobiography that I wrote in 8th grade. I wanted to look at it since it seems like not long ago I was in my brother's shoes, headed into my final year of middle school. I haven't looked at it in a long time so it was pretty awesome to read over some of my stories and poems. I was expecting to see how my perceptions and views of the world have drastically changed. The most interesting part was reading over the last chapter, "A blueprint for my future." First of all, I said that I wanted to go to school outside of Ohio and eventually move to California (weird how that worked out...) The part that stuck out the most was one of the last paragraphs of the chapter: "I really want to achieve my dreams and lead a lifestyle that I choose. In order to help ensure this, I'll set strong goals for myself to follow. It won't always be easy to meet those goals I'm sure, but all I have to do is keep thinking of that blue Porsche perched in my driveway!"

It's funny how some things never change.


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