Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 45

How about this...any negative energy you might have, whether it's just "one of those days" or an annoying conversation with a friend, turn that energy into something positive! Definitely not always easy.. but I think the picture above sums it up. Anyone can do great things, or at least good things, if they can just find the motivation or "get excited." I think it's too easy to be distracted or side tracked by the little annoyances in day-to-day stuff but I'm challenging myself to use that energy towards something better.



  1. This sounds pretty close to the description of the "Positivity" theme in the Living Your Strengths book I'm reading! Just another great example of positive motivation you provide which is why I enjoy reading your blog :)

    I'm also thinking that my husband Alan may actual dig that picture. He is pretty creative and loves to make things....

  2. That's awesome! Feel free to pass along the picture to anyone who might benefit :)