Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 115

I saw the movie Leap Year this weekend (for those of you who haven't seen the preview - it's a silly romantic comedy that is predictable as any other would be!) Anyway there was one good takeaway from the movie, a particular scene that stuck with me. At one point in the movie the guy (that the main character is unknowingly falling for) asks her, if you had to evacuate your house because of a fire, and you had 60 seconds to get out, what would you grab? Naturally, this was a direct statement foreshadowing what was to come, because later in the movie she is faced with this decision. So I got to thinking - if I had only 60 seconds, what would I take (assuming my family and dog was OK!)? I still am not sure if I know the answer to this question. I think it's easy to think of the things you "need" in your daily life (purse, cell phone, keys, wallet, camera), but what about everything else? Books, clothes, photos? Home videos, DVD's, scrapbooks? Childhood toys, souvenirs from Europe, artwork? It's a tough question, and I think it really gets you to think about what you value as the most "important" things in your life.

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