Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Trust is a must

Today's post is about trust, and how from first hand experience, I think having trust and faith in those around you ultimately makes you a happier person. I've been working hard on a PR campaign with four other students since the middle of November and today we were able to see a lot of our effort come to fruition with an event we held at Chapman. There were a lot of little details that went into the event and none of them were overlooked. We were able to pull it together and successfully accomplish what we set to do. And you know how it worked? By trusting each other. By putting 100% of our faith that we would each get done what we said we would, and everything would come together for the grand event. And the best part? It didn't even rain! I trusted the sunshine to come through for us and it did. Now that's what I call faith.

We've all worked in teams or groups, and I'm sure everyone has had both good and bad experiences. But I challenge you to approach your next event, stress free, by trusting those you are working with. I think this is the only reason I was able to sleep the last three months - knowing in my heart that everything would get done. Here's a huge thank you and shot out to my amazing and supportive team members: CelebrateCensus2010 - we couldn't have done it without each other!

How about you? Any good examples or stories from your own life that reflect situations where trust was required to accomplish something?