Sunday, March 7, 2010

Beautiful in many ways

I was looking through pictures from Europe since I've been missing it a lot lately (it's hard to believe where I was one year ago! It's crazy how time flies.) And I realized that because I enjoy the beach so much, that I have a lot of pictures of the water and the surrounding landscape. But what I thought the most interesting part about it was that all of my photos are of the Mediterranean Sea, in different cities, yet they all look so different from one another! Each place has it's own unique characteristics, it's own type of sand, it's own surrounding cities - that it is almost hard to believe that all of the pictures are the same sea. I thought it was interesting because it truly demostrates that life's beautiful things are multi-dimensional. There is no black and white definition for what is beautiful in the things and places we are surrounded by, and each of them are beautiful in many ways, but connected by the same water. Pretty awesome.

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