Monday, March 8, 2010

What's your art?

Normally I use Monday's to post "mood lifters".. today's post is a little off track but I couldn't avoid writing what was on my mind!

I've had the intense urge lately to do some type of craft project. Painting. Drawing. Photography. Cooking something new. Any of the above sound like a great way to be creative and uninhibited. While I was at the store yesterday I wandered around the craft section for a while and purchased a sketch pad and some colored pencils, among other things, to spark my creativity. On another note, while I was watching the Academy Awards last night, and watching people's lifelong dreams come true on the television, it got me to thinking.

Isn't life just like an art project?
We're given an endless number of "supplies" to do whatever we want with. We have any artist's dream supply cabinet of paints, pencils, markers, clay, film, cameras...anything you can imagine. And each day is like a page in a sketch book, or a blank canvas, free for us to do whatever we want with. Do you want to continue what you started yesterday? Do you want to start fresh? Do you want to go back to a drawing from several weeks ago? Feel free. No painting is ever, truly, 100% finished. And no blank canvas can ever be screwed up. Because you know what? There's always the next page, and any moment is the chance to get started. What do you want to do with your art supplies? Some people create phenomenal films. Some people travel the world. Some people save lives. The greatest part about all of this? The beauty of the art truly is in the eye of the beholder. That's YOU!

Take a look at the pages in your own "sketch book." Do you see lots of color? Do you use lots of different expressive mediums? Is every page black and white? I see days full of color, full of vibrant flowers, full of photos of nature's beautiful treasures. I see days that are scribbled in charcoal pencils and heavily shaded. I see days that are entirely unclear and blurry. I see days that are made from watercolors and seem to have no beginning or end. As for today? I see a page that has just barely begun to be filled in, a page that is full of the many wonderful opportunities that lie ahead. I'm looking forward to adding color, messy and neat, and creating something beautiful.

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  1. I LOVE THIS. It made me think back to the days when getting a new box of Crayola Crayons felt like a second Christmas. I could not wait to get home and break them in.

    Perhaps these crayons represent new opportunities. Four inches of uninhibited possibilities. And an entire box of 64 possibilities - what could be more promising?

    It's also funny thinking back to how reluctant I was to peel back the paper label in order to sharpen my crayons. They were no longer new, perfect, and pristine.

    The crayon's dull tip is evidence that it has already told it's story. However, sharpening the crayon will not erase its past. Instead, it is simply peeling back the layers in hopes to expose the means to expand horizons and create new and exciting opportunities; and the shavings will always be there as a memory of the crayon's journey. Sounds like life, right?

    This may be a little silly, but your post got me thinking; and I hope it made you smile...

    Miss you =]

  2. I love it!!! I always like hearing people's takes on things like this.. and I think your crayon story is a good representation of what this means to you. Thank you for that :)

    You did make me smile! And I miss you too!!