Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hello Universe, can you do me a favor...?

"Call out to the Universe and it will ANSWER."

That was the sign that greeted me in front of the house near the film school today on my way to class. (One of these days I swear I am going to stop there and wait to meet the person who writes these signs! I am always so intrigued and curious where he comes up with his thoughts.) I started thinking.. what do I want from the Universe? What answer am I waiting for?

I think this is something that changes day to day. Maybe one day you need a moment of calm. Maybe another day you need a friend to cheer you up. Maybe next week you need opportunity. And two months from now you need rest. Is it too much to ask the Universe for world peace? Or 100% of the human race to be content? Or for every greedy person to realize their short comings and feel guilty? I guess I don't really know the answer to this (I don't think there is one) so I'm going to stick with something simple. I'm calling out to the Universe for something for everyone - that each person share happiness with someone in their life, who will then pass it along to someone else - creating "the domino effect" of paying it forward. I honestly believe that when you are happy, you are more likely to share that with others, and positively influence their mood and perception of each day. This quote also reminded me of "The Secret" and the idea that you have the power to "will" anything into your life if you want it enough. I don't necessarily think of this as material possessions, although I'm sure it could be, but more in the sense of particular experiences or opportunities that you want to bring into your life.

So take a moment today to ask the Universe for what you want. And let me know when you have an answer!

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  1. Financial freedom! (OK, I just came from that class this evening...but it is still an important concept cuz excessive debt can have a crippling effect).

    Another thing would be for everyone to do one thing to Make a Difference! We all have unique gifts and talents -- if we all used them to do just one thing to make a difference in the lives of others, what a world this would be!

  2. I want to harness all the positive energy of the universe so that I might live my life joyfully! So others might say I was ordinary but that I had an extraordinary attitude :)

  3. I'm with Tracy, make a difference!! Our team for the MS ride last year and this year is "Team MAD" (Making a Difference) Of course you can't fit all that on a bike jersey so 17 of us spent 75 miles explaining to other riders what we were "MAD" about. every little bit helps!!