Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Love is above all, the gift of oneself"

Sometimes it's frustrating when I can't give an entire day to celebrating a holiday because of my demanding school work, or I can't afford to buy a $100 bouquet of flowers or a nice dinner. Sometimes the only thing I have is kind words and a few moments of time. Sometimes, I've come to accept, that's all you can do. And all the time, every time, it is greatly appreciated. It's funny how sometimes you overlook the small things that people really do appreciate.

Today, I want to wish my mom, and every other mom, a happy mother's day.

You deserve all the flowers in the world, all the nice dinners, the fancy jewelry, the fine chocolates, and the surprises. Today, all that I have is a big thank you for everything that you've done and continue to do for me. <3

And for anyone who is feeling the same way, don't forget: "Love is above all, the gift of oneself."


  1. Very nice post:>

    Hey, I noticed that you updated your resume. Wow! I see what you mean about a demanding schedule:)

  2. There is one truth I have learned in life..."all we need is love." And when we give the gift of time to others, that is the most valuable gift we can give, because we have given of ourselves. Thank you for a BEAUTIFUL mother's day! Spending time together was the best gift ever (and the flowers and chocolate made it extra EXTRA special!!!).