Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh hello again!

Another unplanned hiatus from blogging (whoops!)... anyway, back to a few important things I realized this week after listening and observing and experiencing an entire week of freedom from class and spring semester!
  • The best things are unplanned. As much as I want to live by this, I know I typically don't. But I realized this week that things sometimes do work out for the best when they are spur of the moment. And now I want to strive to do that more often!
  • A good friend recently shared with me her way of thinking: things tend to work out when you forget about them. Sometimes it's easy to obsess over details and things that you are wanting to go a certain way. But often, it is when you put it to the back of your mind and stop wondering about it, that everything comes together how it is supposed to. It's not easy putting trust in fate's hands but sometimes you just have to do it!
  • Say YES more often! I know I recently blogged about saying "no" (in terms of taking on more than you can handle with responsibilities, projects, etc.) but how about the notion of saying yes? Even if you're tired..unsure if you really feel like putting in the effort in meeting your friends..whatever it may be. Think about the fact that life's short. You may as well spend it surrounded by people and things that you enjoy!
  • Lastly, taking a break from blogging I've realized how important it really is to sit down and spend the time each day thinking about the little things. It's easy to overlook (and especially since I didn't make time to write about it) but I really think that even just taking five minutes a day to be appreciative of what I have and who I am surrounded by makes a huge difference! I don't want to overlook the small things. That being said, I am going to try my best to keep up with the "daily" part of this challenge!
How about you? Any good revelations the past couple of days? Happy Friday! :)

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  1. Glad to see you back--I was beginning to wonder! Life can sweep us off our feet sometimes. It's good that you continue to refocus. A revelation I've had is that sometimes it's easier if I surrender to someone elses schedule. It's so stressful trying to always get everyone around you to fit into YOUR schedule, so sometimes, if it works, try surrendering to loosening up the schedule a bit. It's good.