Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You are invited to join The Daily Challenge!

A friend shared a website with me today - "Love Gives Me Hope" - that I believe all of you will find enjoyable.

While I do like the posts on this site (some of the stories people share are tear jerkers!) I think what draws me to the site even more is the fact that people are creating a sense of community by sharing their uplifting stories. I am inspired by the eagerness and willingness that people have to share their personal stories and I believe that, if nothing else, is what gives me hope! I love the idea of people spreading love and happiness by sharing positive thoughts such as the environment created by this site. I want The Daily Challenge to become just that - a place where people can share stories of hope, optimism, inspiration, and food for thought. I believe that together, we can inspire each other with our stories of triumphs as well as tribulations, and to begin that we must first do two things - one is be honest and trusting in our commitment to share with others, and two is listen to what they are saying as well. So often we "hear" things but do not necessarily listen to them. I envision a community where people do both - actively contribute, as well as listen, to the beautiful stories that often go untold.

So, starting today, who wants to partake in The Daily Challenge? It must be a joint effort - we have to be in this together to be there when times are tough and celebrate when things are great.

For starters, what gives you hope? Think about it and share your stories here. And while you are at it, visit the Love Gives Me Hope site - http://love.givesmehope.com/ and let me know what you think.

Thanks Haley for the inspiration for tonight's post!

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