Saturday, January 16, 2010

Help Haiti

A devastating loss like the earthquake in Haiti is a tragedy - the amount of human life that was lost and the people who have turned hopeless is very sad. Something that I have seen in the last few days however, is the blind compassion of millions of people all over the world. Despite not knowing a single person in Haiti, or not even knowing the amount of damage that has been done, people all over are doing everything they can to support the people in need. It is incredible to witness the number of celebrities, organizations, and ordinary people who are promoting the need for support. It is awesome how many people have stepped up to the plate! I am very inspired by humanity in times like these. I made a donation to the Red Cross today, among one of the many organizations that is setting up a relief fund for Haiti. I think it's fair to say I can forgo the Starbucks or buying lunch everyday to help people in much greater need.

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