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Any idea what Kevin Rudolf, Lil Wayne, and "The Secret" have in common? It might seem like a very random trio but if you listen to the words in the following song (Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne "I Made It") you might see why I picked it. It turns out all three of the above artists are using their work to relay the same message. If you want something, and you can picture yourself doing it, then you will have it. Simple as that.

I want to share a little bit about the book so far. One of the main ideas of the book is that if you want something, no matter what it is, you can have it if you truly believe that you can possess whatever this item is (material things, success, free time, meeting your "idol," money, a house, relationships, etc.), and if you eliminate any doubt in your mind, then you will have it. It's actually interesting how tough it is to 100% believe something. Think about how easy it is to have doubt, even for the littlest things. Since the idea is pretty far fetched, I decided I wanted to "test" it out with small things to see what the results would be. And let me just tell you, I'm still in shock how much this absolutely works! First of all, I've begun by starting my mornings by jumping out of bed, not hitting snooze (which is a huge accomplishment because normally I spent a half an hour resetting my alarm), and waking up completely energized and awake - because I told myself I wouldn't be tired. (Mind you, I have been getting 5-6 hours of sleep, so it's not like I'm running on 11 hours of sleep trying to convince myself I'm not tired.) After I'm awake, I spend a few minutes thanking all the wonderful things in my life that I'm appreciative for. When you start to think about it, there is a lot of thanking to do! The rest of the morning, I take my time getting ready, as opposed to rushing around like my normal morning routine, and I keep reminding myself that no matter what, I will be on time. On the way to work, I tell myself that there won't be any traffic, and that I'll actually enjoy the morning talk shows (usually I prefer music.) So as you can see, this is a very small scale version of what you can do when you're set your mind to something, but so far it has worked! I feel like a different person. I feel more alive, more aware, and more willing to let myself be happy ALL the time! It sounds like it might be exhausting, to constantly be aware of what you want out of your day, but really it's simple. The idea is that everything in your life happens because you put it there - so if you set yourself up for a great day, then that is what you will receive.

Take a few moments to think about what you most desire in your life. What is one possession you would do anything to have? One trip that you would love to take? Your dream job? Keep going. Make a list of all of the things that you want more than anything, and things that you think are absolutely impossible to ever possess (keep in mind this isn't limited to just material things.) Now take a few minutes to make another list: what is keeping you from having these things? Why haven't you taken that vacation? Why haven't you landed your dream job? What is standing in your way? I am going to be bold and say that 100% of the time whatever is listed as a "roadblock" can be traced back to you, and only you. Remember the quote I posted yesterday - about YOU being the most powerful magnet in the Universe? Guess what? It's true. If you are convinced that you can't have something because of reason X, Y, and Z, then it most certainly will never happen. I'll write more on this subject at a later date once I finish the book... for now take some time to think about your "lists." I'd be curious to hear what some people write down.

On a different note, I coined a new phrase today. As it is Friday, and it's common to hear "TGIF," I decided to go with "TGIT." Thank God It's Today. Let's try and remember that every day is one to be thankful for, and what difference does it make if it's a Tuesday or a Friday? Absolutely none. Another interesting thing that I've started doing is paying less attention to time in general. As a matter of fact, I decided to stop posting "Day #" as the subject of my posts because I feel like it's a restrictive way to "count down" to something and that isn't the goal of this blog at all, but rather, to live each day in a meaningful, joyful, and purposeful way, and to share that with others who can hopefully pass it along too.

TGIT. <3

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