Friday, March 11, 2011

Feature: Fitz & the Tantrums

I've become obsessed with Amazon MP3 where tons of songs are available for free download or a low price. Today I was able to snag a copy of Fitz & The Tantrums 'Pickin' Up the Pieces' for $3.99 which is an excellent deal! I recently attended their concert, front row at a small venue - and the performance was incredible. Their passion, enthusiasm and energy was contagious and I can't wait to see where their genuine love for the music and their fans leads them. If you aren't ready to splurge on the whopping four-dollar album, check out their website for a free preview of the album (and if that doesn't convince you to make the purchase, then I don't know what will!)

The Amazon MP3 '100 Albums for $5' features several good deals this month too including:

What's on your playlist today?

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